How do we fix Craigslist?

I love Craigslist, I simply can’t resist browsing its endless supply of used goods, job offers, and everyones favorite “Rants and Raves.” I’ve bought a number of things from the Craigslist community, including this very computer I’m using now.

Yet everytime I try and sell something, my InBox is flooded with scammers. I typically receive 10 “scammy” e-mails a day for EACH item I post. They typically read like this:

Thanks for the sales….I am an agent that buy goods for my client throughout the global… Your item really march the descibtion of my client and is ready to buy and make the payment immediately but i will like you to re-assure me that the item is in good condition as you said on ebay.I will arrange for the pickup myself through a private shipping company so do not bother yourself about shipment.I am buying the item at the rate of any price,because i am so interested in it ……Your payment will made via CHECK so get back to me asap with your payment information immediately you received this email is that clear?

Below is the information i will need in making the payment;

1. Your full name and address not a P.O Box Address
2. Your phone number(mobile and land line)
3. I will need the essat time that i can talk to you on phone okay
Get back to me asap



I can’t believe that people fall for this stuff, it’s so bad that Oprah dedicated an entire show to these type of scams. So Craigslists brand equity lies solely in the hands of its passionate consumers, it’s up to us to “clean house”… but how?


~ by roguemarketeer on July 8, 2007.

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