Less than 10

I’d guess that less than 10 percent of the grocery stores I shop at have adequate bathrooms.

These stores must aggregate hundreds if not thousands of consumers a day, surely a good portion of them need to use the bathroom. There’s probably some pretty solid rationale for this, like “bathrooms waste water is expensive, plus the instalation, ADA requirements, so on and so forth.” I’d agree, surely those arguments are good enough to let you sleep at night.

Today I overheard a clerk telling a customer where their bathroom was “go through the back door, out by the cardboard crusher, go up the stairs, its on your left.” How compelling, this poor girl probably held it till she got home.

My point is this, instead of trashing your consumer by not giving him/her access to a good bathroom you’re telling them you don’t care about their needs. There are obvious marketing implications here. Here’s an obvious opportunity to do something remarkable! How do you do that you ask?

1. Put it in an easily accessible area

2. Keep it clean!

3. Hire a staff member to watch peoples carts while they use the bathroom. This person could review your cart contents and tell you about better deals or evaluate your fruit selection.

4. Substitute the tacky wallpaper for shopping tips, like “The fresh milks in the back of the freezer, not the front.”

These are all ways to differentiate… And in a world as homoginized as grocerie stores, differentiation shouldn’t be that tough.


~ by roguemarketeer on January 16, 2007.

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