A //Rogue Marketeer…

(Rogue) Acting independently and using unorthodox methods.  (Marketeer) somebody who advocates or supports a particular type of market.

Marketing… What is it about the idea, practice, or province of marketing that I find so interesting???

Who knows, maybe it’s the idea that legions of money wielding teenyboppers and twenty something’s are swayed every day by marketing mavens working diligently to please some multi million dollar account. Swayed for the wrong reasons, swayed because someone convinced them so, or because some campaign justified their spending… OR maybe it could be.

The styles and life changing perspectives I’ve encountered through new media, urban/city culture, and college has led me to create my own campaign, one that wages war on traditional wisdom. A campaign that encourages people to be independent thinkers, thought leaders, and a person they can be proud of.

Traditional advertising strategies like the 30-second spot and print ads don’t reach our target audiences like they did years ago. There’s never been a more tumultuous and dynamic time to be a marketer. Now, more than ever, account planners, media buyers, and creatives alike are having a harder time justifying their salaries.

This blog, //Rogue Marketeer… is designed to highlight some of the thoughts of a young (24 year old) marketer in this changing industry.

Currently I’m the Marketing and New Media Coordinator at one of the most premier and historic road racing circuits in the world. My goal is to shed some light into this dynamically changing world of marketing through the lens of new media, new marketing, fresh perspectives and above all first hand experience.

Leave a comment or send me a message, above all, do what Ad Age tells us not to do and “join the conversation.”


~ by roguemarketeer on January 8, 2007.

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